Are you ready for a trip around the pond???!!!! Now, had we said "across the pond" then perhaps you might have been rightfully excited thinking we were going on an all expense paid trip to jolly old England for a nice holiday. But, we did not, we said "around the pond," which means only one thing. It means we're running Manito Park run. However, don't fret, as this inspiring run will take you by Spokane's very own world class, world renowned, and world something even better than world class and world renowned, duck pond. Rumor has it the water is so green this time of year that you can almost..., you should be able to kind of..., well, you might at least wonder "what the heck makes water green?" And, for those running the extended route you'll get to visit yet another pond at Cannon Hill Park! While not quite as world class, not quite as world renowned, and not quite as etc. as Manito's pond, it is indisputably near Manito's pond, so that makes it pretty darn special too. 3ish and 5 ish routes as always. See you all at 6PM!


Did one or two of you "forget" to go to church this past Sunday? If so, you'll have a few opportunities, not to mention plenty of incentive, to stop in for a brief prayer of your choosing along this week's route as we will be running the Cathedral (Church) run. The opportunity comes from the fact that we will be running by at least three churches along the way, hence the name. (Sacred Heart Parish, The Cathedral of St. John the Evanglisist, and First Church-Christ Scientist). The incentive, on the other hand, derives from the various locations of these churches along the way, all of which are either on, after, during, before, etc. the route's various hills. This, and heat exhaustion, are the only permissible reasons to stop. Kidding, as always, go at your own pace and take as much time as needed. 3ish and 5ish routes available as always. See everyone at 6 PM!


It's the FIRST RUN OF THE SUMMER! And, as Tricia will tell you, it's going to be "How How" out there. Thus, to ease you in to the summer, while simultaneously honoring our resident tug boat captain, Captain Jason LaFluer, we'll be running none other than our Tug Boat run. (We'd run it next week when he's back in from the high seas, but we don't want anyone to have an unfair advantage on the route). Oh, we're also running it because tug boats are synonymous with summer. It's a straight forward route. The 3ish route is fairly flat, while the 5ish has some bigger hills. Heck, they all have hills, so never mind. See you all Tuesday at 6!


This week's run should be a real walk in the park. And it will be too, for anyone who wants to walk. For everyone else, it is what it is. After all, what goes up, must come down, AND vice versa. This week we'll be running A Tale of Two Parks which will take us on a sort of figure 8 through both Grant and Liberty Park. For the crazy five mile runners, it will also take you straight up Cowley Street! Oh Joy. Hope to see you all at 6. 3ish and 5ish mile routes as always, and also a detour for strollers.




A wise old man once said "there's an old saying..." and then he lost his train of thought. He must have been staring straight up Perry Street, envisioning the Perry Steps, and shouting in his mind "WHY!!!!!!" That's right, this week's run is "Rocking Rockwood!" where we run straight up the hill, past the Perry Steps, and take a right on Rockwood. Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? But seriously, all joking aside, the payoff is great as Rockwood's treeline avenue provides great scenery for your stroll back down the hill. 3.ish and 5.ish routes as always. See everyone at 6!


It's that time of year again, where the old Spokane natives among us celebrate the very first introduction of fine volcanic ash (think pulverized glass) into our little pink lungs. That's right, the anniversary of Mt. St. Helens is right around the corner and so we will do our "St. Helens Fire" run up to the tippy top of our very own volcanic outcropping, Cliff Park. May 18, 1980 was the fateful day when the skies blackened mid day and ash piled high all the way over here in Spokane. It's the perfect opportunity for all the youngins to talk to your elders and find out what it was like "back in my day....!" A 3.ish and 5.ish route available, as always. See you at 6!


Perhaps we should purposefully misspell the name of this week's run and call it the Oregon "Trial" Run instead of the Oregon "Trail" Run. Why you ask? Well, for starters, the reasonable ones among us who choose this week's 3.ish route will not be able to avoid the trials and tribulations of the up hill switch backs and Pittsburg steps which last week's renegade 5.ish runners were forced to endure. And, secondly, this week will also allow Tina Trantum (her name was not changed to protect the innocent) to redeem herself and run the Altamont loop CORRECTLY, as this week's 5.ish route ends in virtually the same manner as last week's. Oh the joy of that long, winding hill on N. Altamont Street! See everyone at 6 PM.


Is it just us, or did both Doomsday and Cemetery hill seem a little "easierish" this year? (Yes, easierish is now a real word). If so, we probably owe it all to the last few Tuesday routes. So, now it's time to rest, or come as close to resting as we possibly can when running from the Perry District. This week we'll leave the sarcasm at home and run everyone's favorite route.....wait for it...... wait for it...... the Ben Burr Trail run!!!! 3ish and 5ish routes as always. See you all at 6!