RUN CLUB IS BACK! Tuesday - 3/13- 6PM


According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, spring is defined as: “an elastic body or device that recovers its original shape when released after being distorted.” There’s also some nonsense in there about a “season of growth or development” and “a time between winter and summer,” but we here in Spokane wouldn’t know anything about that now would we? After all, we had “Cherry Fresh Pow Pow Bro Brah” as recently as last Tuesday! Irrespective, we will not let the weather keep us down or pen us up any longer. With that said, this Tuesday we shall meet for our first official run of the 201 season!!!!!! Mindful that many of you may have led sedentary winters, we’ll kick off the season with one of our gentler runs, the Tug Boat. You know, the one where we run up, over, back, across, down, back, down, over, and then up. As always, there will be a 3ish and 5ish route. See everyone Tuesday at 6!!!!