RUN CLUB-September 20-6pm

Thank you to fellow Lanterneer, Anna Foreman, for the new route! (that we will not be running this week). Unfortunately, a group of people can’t run a route without a proper name, and since Anna didn’t provide one, only suggestions and painstaking turn-by-turn directions, this new, fantastic, and fabulous route will have to be put on hold. Might we suggest, depending on how difficult it turns out to be, that we call it the Foreman Grill. (please let at least half the club get the reference). OK, enough thinking of the future, it’s much too tiring. Let’s get back to the present, with just a twinge of the not so distant future, and discuss this Tuesday’s route. This week we’ll run "A Tale of Two Parks," which takes us through beautiful and scenic Grant park and then down and around good old Liberty park. Oh, and before we forget, it also takes us back up that grinding 3rd Avenue and then all the way back up Arthur to 10th and once again through Grant. For those doing the extended route, you’ll get to run up everyone’s favorite hill, Cowley, and then the long slog up Southeast to 16th. Oh Joy. Enjoy! See you all at 6 PM