August 30th - Run Club- 6pm

According to Syringa is either a mock orange or any shrub of the genus Syringa, including the lilacs. However, according to us here at the Lantern Run Club, Syringa a very steep and beautiful hill (now there’s two words you won’t often see people using to modify the noun “hill”) that we will run up as part of this week’s run: Ryan’s Folly! But, don’t fret, for those of you averse to running up steep hills, you can still be part of the club and enjoy the run by simply falling back on the teachings of good old and thinking of it as more mock orange than steep hill. Or, if you like, just think of it as more of a “charming romp through the low to mid eastern half of the center of the south hill.” That sounds easy enough, right? There’s a 3ish and a 5ish route as always. See everyone at 6!