August 2- Run Club- 6pm

What do you have to do to get mentioned in our weekly run description? Easy, either climb a mountain (congrats Alison Armfield on climbing Mt. Baker) or continually run the wrong direction (non-congrats Greg Wallweber). This week we run a "modified" version of our "St. Helens Fire" run to say "way to go!" to Alison for reaching the summit. By doing so we will both reach the summit (of Cliff Park) and also run on Summit (blvd-twice no less!). This run will start out flat and then, as usual, hit some hills. But the views are great. Just make sure to lift your head up, look around, and enjoy life when you get to the tops of Cliff Dr. and Cliff Park. 3ish* and 5ish routes as always. *(Disclaimer: the 3.ish route this week is closer to 4). See you all at 6.