Are you ready for a trip around the pond???!!!! Now, had we said "across the pond" then perhaps you might have been rightfully excited thinking we were going on an all expense paid trip to jolly old England for a nice holiday. But, we did not, we said "around the pond," which means only one thing. It means we're running Manito Park run. However, don't fret, as this inspiring run will take you by Spokane's very own world class, world renowned, and world something even better than world class and world renowned, duck pond. Rumor has it the water is so green this time of year that you can almost..., you should be able to kind of..., well, you might at least wonder "what the heck makes water green?" And, for those running the extended route you'll get to visit yet another pond at Cannon Hill Park! While not quite as world class, not quite as world renowned, and not quite as etc. as Manito's pond, it is indisputably near Manito's pond, so that makes it pretty darn special too. 3ish and 5 ish routes as always. See you all at 6PM!