Did one or two of you "forget" to go to church this past Sunday? If so, you'll have a few opportunities, not to mention plenty of incentive, to stop in for a brief prayer of your choosing along this week's route as we will be running the Cathedral (Church) run. The opportunity comes from the fact that we will be running by at least three churches along the way, hence the name. (Sacred Heart Parish, The Cathedral of St. John the Evanglisist, and First Church-Christ Scientist). The incentive, on the other hand, derives from the various locations of these churches along the way, all of which are either on, after, during, before, etc. the route's various hills. This, and heat exhaustion, are the only permissible reasons to stop. Kidding, as always, go at your own pace and take as much time as needed. 3ish and 5ish routes available as always. See everyone at 6 PM!