Run Club-Oct 4th-6pm

If you were sitting around recently thinking to yourself "you know, it seems like months and months ago since we did that great run up to the top of Cliff Park... you know, the one where we ran up some stairs between 8th and 9th and then by Sacred Heart Hospital, up that awesomely steep hill on Cliff Drive just around the corner from the Park Inn Tavern and then across that bridge that overlooked all of downtown Spokane" you would be wrong. It hasn't been months AND months, it's just been months. Two to be exact. So, with that said, this week we will run our modified Cliff Park run, the one we call St. Helens Fire. And, as is the case with all of our runs, this one is of the choose your own adventure variety as you'll have the option of running 3ish or 5ish miles once you descend back down the steps of the volcanic outcropping (ooohhh, aaaahhhh) that is Cliff Park. See you all at 6:00 (hopefully out of both eyes this week).