RUN CLUB IS BACK! Tuesday - 3/13- 6PM


According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, spring is defined as: “an elastic body or device that recovers its original shape when released after being distorted.” There’s also some nonsense in there about a “season of growth or development” and “a time between winter and summer,” but we here in Spokane wouldn’t know anything about that now would we? After all, we had “Cherry Fresh Pow Pow Bro Brah” as recently as last Tuesday! Irrespective, we will not let the weather keep us down or pen us up any longer. With that said, this Tuesday we shall meet for our first official run of the 201 season!!!!!! Mindful that many of you may have led sedentary winters, we’ll kick off the season with one of our gentler runs, the Tug Boat. You know, the one where we run up, over, back, across, down, back, down, over, and then up. As always, there will be a 3ish and 5ish route. See everyone Tuesday at 6!!!!

Run Club-Oct 4th-6pm

If you were sitting around recently thinking to yourself "you know, it seems like months and months ago since we did that great run up to the top of Cliff Park... you know, the one where we ran up some stairs between 8th and 9th and then by Sacred Heart Hospital, up that awesomely steep hill on Cliff Drive just around the corner from the Park Inn Tavern and then across that bridge that overlooked all of downtown Spokane" you would be wrong. It hasn't been months AND months, it's just been months. Two to be exact. So, with that said, this week we will run our modified Cliff Park run, the one we call St. Helens Fire. And, as is the case with all of our runs, this one is of the choose your own adventure variety as you'll have the option of running 3ish or 5ish miles once you descend back down the steps of the volcanic outcropping (ooohhh, aaaahhhh) that is Cliff Park. See you all at 6:00 (hopefully out of both eyes this week).

RUN CLUB-September 20-6pm

Thank you to fellow Lanterneer, Anna Foreman, for the new route! (that we will not be running this week). Unfortunately, a group of people can’t run a route without a proper name, and since Anna didn’t provide one, only suggestions and painstaking turn-by-turn directions, this new, fantastic, and fabulous route will have to be put on hold. Might we suggest, depending on how difficult it turns out to be, that we call it the Foreman Grill. (please let at least half the club get the reference). OK, enough thinking of the future, it’s much too tiring. Let’s get back to the present, with just a twinge of the not so distant future, and discuss this Tuesday’s route. This week we’ll run "A Tale of Two Parks," which takes us through beautiful and scenic Grant park and then down and around good old Liberty park. Oh, and before we forget, it also takes us back up that grinding 3rd Avenue and then all the way back up Arthur to 10th and once again through Grant. For those doing the extended route, you’ll get to run up everyone’s favorite hill, Cowley, and then the long slog up Southeast to 16th. Oh Joy. Enjoy! See you all at 6 PM

August 30th - Run Club- 6pm

According to Syringa is either a mock orange or any shrub of the genus Syringa, including the lilacs. However, according to us here at the Lantern Run Club, Syringa a very steep and beautiful hill (now there’s two words you won’t often see people using to modify the noun “hill”) that we will run up as part of this week’s run: Ryan’s Folly! But, don’t fret, for those of you averse to running up steep hills, you can still be part of the club and enjoy the run by simply falling back on the teachings of good old and thinking of it as more mock orange than steep hill. Or, if you like, just think of it as more of a “charming romp through the low to mid eastern half of the center of the south hill.” That sounds easy enough, right? There’s a 3ish and a 5ish route as always. See everyone at 6!

August 2- Run Club- 6pm

What do you have to do to get mentioned in our weekly run description? Easy, either climb a mountain (congrats Alison Armfield on climbing Mt. Baker) or continually run the wrong direction (non-congrats Greg Wallweber). This week we run a "modified" version of our "St. Helens Fire" run to say "way to go!" to Alison for reaching the summit. By doing so we will both reach the summit (of Cliff Park) and also run on Summit (blvd-twice no less!). This run will start out flat and then, as usual, hit some hills. But the views are great. Just make sure to lift your head up, look around, and enjoy life when you get to the tops of Cliff Dr. and Cliff Park. 3ish* and 5ish routes as always. *(Disclaimer: the 3.ish route this week is closer to 4). See you all at 6.


New Route Alert!!! New Route Alert! Special thanks to our very own Steven Viva La France Debonaire Allen Selser for this week's trip down south of 3rd Avenue. This week we'll be running down to just the tip of Spokane's very own and newly minted International district. While we can't say we'll be going where no man has gone before, it is definitely an area new to the Lantern Run Club (with the exception of Greg and apparently Steve). There will be 3.ish and 5ish routes as always. See you all at 6!


Do not trail this week. We repeat, do not trail this week! No, we're not just repeating our weekly warning about not following Greg, that should be a given by now. Rather, what we mean to say is that this week we're going to run our Oregon Trail Run minus the part on the Ben Burr Trail due to trail construction. Well, now that we think about it, it will be like following Greg, because of course we'll be running the regular route, but incorrectly, just as Greg would. Irrespective, never follow Greg remains sage advice. 3.ish and 5.ish routes available as always! See you at 6 PM.